Black Friday South Africa

‘Black Friday’ Local Is lekker – Buy Local Urges Proudly South African

Black Friday comes along on November 27. And the message that “local is lekker” comes from Proudly South Africa. Given the lost jobs and the struggle with re-energising the economy, buying local makes perfect sense. Plenty of products of exceptional quality come from South Africa, so why not help producers retain or even employ more staff during difficult times?

Black Friday – buy local urges Proudly South African, released a statement by Proudly South African on November 9th. It said that for many people, this year “Back Friday” really seems “blacker” than usual. Bear in mind, that people already struggle with the tight economic situation this year. However, the statement notes that shoppers probably still find “many bargains on offer. “After all, it’s a great opportunity as people try and move”unsold stock” from the “lockdown period.”

If people keep an eye out for local goods, then they may help save some jobs, or even create more job opportunity, After all, many people who lost their jobs still sit unemployed. Notably, “President Cyril Ramaphosa also made a call for increased localisation as a means of kick-starting the economy again.” But, for many people buying local seems a hassle. After all, how do you know where something’s manufactured on Black Friday?

Identifying local goods

In the rush of Black Friday shopping, take the time to check where the product comes from. Just check the “labels of origin.” Most big retailers come with origin labels clearly marked. Plus, Proudly South Africa reminds people that shopping online’s definitely an option. Check out the RSA Made website and find some special offers. And, some of those local brands look really lekker.

From beauty through books, camping outdoor equipment, and much much more, the range looks huge. Of course, one way that helps locals involves taking advantage of the many Black Friday travel accommodation specials. Plenty of them offer special discounted prices for your next getaway, And, the tourism industry will certainly value your booking this year!

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