South Africa Travel site shares photo of Boulders Penguin Colony

South Africa Travel Site Slammed For Promoting ‘Careless’ Nature ‘Picture Taking’

The South Africa travel promo Instagram account does a lot for tourism awareness in the country. And, they often share about the beautiful places tourists see. And of course, they include the outdoor activities in the Cape. But recently, they shared a photo by another account holder and followers slammed them for promoting “careless picture taking” in a protected area.

South Africa tourism site shares Boulders Penguin Colony photo

Tourism and the environment sometimes become contentious issues. So, some people questioned how a photographer took photos of someone disturbing the penguins at Boulders Penguin Colony near Cape Town. Actually, they didn’t slam the photographer, named David Garcia Barber. However, they blamed the South Africa travel site as knowing better than to share photos of people breaking conservation regulations.

On Friday, November 13th, the @southafrica account on Instagram shared a photo of a woman walking amongst the boulders at the Penguin Colony. They acknowledged the photographer, @davidgarciabarber, also on Instagram. They geo-tagged the post as Boulder Penguin Colony. And the caption read, “New album dropping soon!!!” Their website explains that they encourage photographers and video-makers to work with them.

Unhappy with ‘careless picture taking’

In the comments section, people noticed the penguins looked a bit disturbed as a woman followed them. One follower, @filmschoolafrica asked, “How do you get to this spot? Cause if you pay at Boulders the penguins are only below you and you are on removed platforms…”

Then, another follower of the South Africa travel site, @jameslowe783 chipped in his thoughts. His profile reveals he’s an “expedition guide” and “photographer.” He noted, “Support bothering penguins??”

But, one follower lambasted the South Africa travel promo account. @lu_lucie_matejkova wrote, “Leave them be? Don’t get so close and interrupt their lives for a fancy photo. Be at least a tiny bit respectful. Unfollowing this account for promoting careless picture taking and interrupting nature. I am sure you will not miss me. 👋”

South Africa Travel Site Boulders Penguin Colony
Image davidgarciabarber via South Africa | Instagram

Official rules for Boulder Penguin Colony

The main SANParks website explains that contact with the penguins is limited for their protection. Their rules clearly explain, “The Boulders section of TMNP consists of 3 pristine beaches, 1 penguin viewing area and 3 boardwalks. The boardwalks were built as a measure to allow for viewing of these wonderful birds, whilst keeping them safe from poking fingers, so please be sure to stay on the boardwalks at all times within the viewing area.”

Notably, they also explain the marine birds declined and became designated “Endangered status.” Over fifty years, the breeding population declined by an estimated “80%.” In particular, the site noted that one of the reasons for their decline comes from “irresponsible tourism activities.” So, that explains why people slammed the South Africa travel site for promoting “careless picture taking.”

What do you think about the promotion of “careless” photos revealing endangered penguins being disturbed? Sound off in the comments below.

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