Bushiri Escape To Malawi Results In Hilarious Memes On Twitter

Bushiri Escape To Malawi Results In Hilarious Memes On Twitter

Bushiri for the time being, sits safely in Malawi after fleeing the country with his wife Mary. So for now, it looks like Pastor Mboro, the whistleblower in the Bushiri case, can set aside his concerns about them. At least for a while. We reported that on November 3, the bail hearings dragged on in Pretoria. Well, they got granted bail, which shattered a lot of people. After all, most people assumed they were flight risks. Now, some hilarious memes pop up on Twitter.

Pastor Bushiri and his wife Mary faced charges of fraud, and more

Pastor Bushiri and his wife Mary faced charges of fraud, theft, and money laundering to the value of over R100 million. And apparently, they probably never resided legally in South Africa. Nevertheless, they accumulated millions of followers who devoutly prayed for his release. Well, in a way, their prayers came true as somehow he left the country and turn up in Malawi. Now he decrees the terms and conditions under which he returns. If that ever happens voluntarily.

Unsurprised, South Africans now slam the court for allowing them bail. And, others talk about the flock left behind. While President Ramaphosa allegedly throws his toys out the cot, many people see the funny side of things. So Bushiri critics take to Twitter and share ironic jokes and some really hilarious memes. South Africans obviously know how to laugh in the face of adversity and disappointing outcomes.

Funny memes and comments on Twitter

A lot of anger surfaces on Twitter as people consider the escape of the prophet. Many of them claim this escape actually highlights why human trafficking’s so easily accomplished. And others slam the weak courts. But others laugh. Laughter’s good for the soul goes an old saying.

This meme refers to all those people who follow the Bushiris who said they’ll always follow him:

This meme on Twitter mocks the court which granted them bail. And, while that seems like a serious miscalculation, at least one person sees the funny side of it.

Right up and in the forefront of being a big-talking pastor and prophet, Bushiri just suddenly disappeared from the country. And, there’s a wonderfully illustrated tweet on that:

Those he left behind bring some unsympathetic responses. Talking of abandoning his followers this meme summed it up:

This meme about Bushiri slams the porous borders of South Africa.

Plenty more Bushiri memes on Twitter

There’s not enough room for all the memes about Bushiri here. But over on Twitter lots more remain undiscovered if you search #Bushiri.

What do you think about the Bushiri escape to Malawi? Did you think they seemed like obvious flight risks? Sound off in the comments below.

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