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Dr Musa Mthombeni Remembers The Late Akhumzi Jezile

Dr Musa Mthombeni, who most people know from being a presenter with YOTV, took to Instagram last week and remembered the late Akhumzi Jezile. His post recalled the sad loss to the entertainment industry in South Africa. In 2018, Akhumzi passed away after a horrific accident.

Dr Musa Mthombeni and Akhumzi Jezile equally popular

It seems particularly sad that Akhumzi died so young. Not yet 30, he and everyone else in the car died after an accident on the way to the Cape in 2018. A truck carrying a car crashed into them, but the main disaster came as the tailer ran amock and tore the top of their car off. His uncle told Sunday World, “They all died immediately. I didn’t recognise my beloved son. I had to go in and check for him closely.”

Obviously, the family mourned, and so did fans and colleagues of the young talent. Fans probably recall him from YOTV, where he and Dr Musa Mthombeni were equally popular. Plus, his star rose even more as he became a familiar face on the drama series Tempy Pushas and as “Ngulube” in Themby Phishers. Ironically,  the award-winning actor was on his way to attend his grandmother’s funeral in Ngcobo.

The tender comment from Dr Musa for his lost friend and colleague

The photo that Dr Musa shared on Instagram revealed a relaxing scene in the shade with a drink. Akhumzi Jezile wore a black fishnet tee-shirt. The caption read, “Three years ago today 🖤🙏🏾✨. Miss you everyday.” Then he added, “Where you got this fishnet see-through shirt, only you know!” Naturally, fans of the two men also commented on the photo.

@alanmolaolwa said to Dr Musa Mthombeni. “You just had to break my heart again neh😔.” Then, @thee_moneymagnet noted, “Gone but definitely not forgotten ♥️♥️.” Plenty of followers put up heart emojis in remembrance of Akhumzi Jezile. And, one follower said he’s really an “angel.” Others pray that his beautiful “soul” rests “in peace.”

This year Musa also got involved in a car accident

In June this year, Dr Musa also experienced a car accident. Someone crashed into him and a Metro Police car, ZAlebs noted. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt. Apparently, the “drunken driver” was well over the limit. And, the two cars that he smashed into were both almost brand new. For a heartstopping moment, fans of Dr Musa Mthombeni feared that he too might have also gone the way of his friends and colleague, Akhumzi Jezile.

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