Mncedisi Filtane dies COVID-19

Mncedisi Filtane Tributes Pour In After UDM’s Announcement Of His Death

Mncedisi Filtane, the Deputy National Chairperson of the UDM party passed away from COVID-19 on Sunday. The announcement came via Twitter from Bantu Holomisa. Sharing the official statement, he said that “Tragedy has struck: UDM Deputy Chairperson &MPL, Mncedisi Filtane…passed away this morning due to Covid-19.” Plenty of tributes poured in.  And some people wonder about the hard-hit political party that lost a number of leadership figures in the past year.

Mncedisi Filtane dies four months after Mabandla Gogo

In July, news came that UDM’s spokesperson, Mabandla Gogo passed away in hospital. And in December last year, the party lost Ludwe Ntoni after a short illness. At the time, “UDM provincial secretary, Mabandla Gogo described Ntoni as a dedicated worker.” Others followed including Mr Bobani. Now, with Mncedisi also gone. people wonder at all, this bad luck. One person on Twitter, @Msigi_Emotion, said sadly, “COVID19 is purging UDM.” Then, another comment came from @MbhokaziVictor. He said, “He banna! Just after Papa Mongameli Bobani, now MpL Mncedisi. May his soul rest in peace.”

Naturally, with so many deaths, people feel very down right now. Many people see the death of Mncedisi Filtane as a reminder that COVID-19 still remains deadly in South Africa. And in fact, numbers start rising again ahead of Christmas. Many people sent in their tributes to the hard work MP. Those who knew him personally described him as “caring” and “dedicated.” And, some people recall his good sense of humour. Of course, many people also sent their condolences to his family.

Tributes after Filtane lost his fight against the virus

Fighting to the end, the Deputy National Chairperson of the UDM lost his last fight on Sunday, November 22nd. He first transferred to the hospital with breathing difficulties on Friday. Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, MP, shared on Twitter, “When I spoke to you before you admitted in hospital on Friday, you gave me your word that you were not going to leave us, Zizi. But God decided otherwise. We will miss you. I will personally miss YOU dearly.”

Other tributes to Mncedisi Filtane included this one:

Another follower said it for a lot of people. @NHLAKANHLANHLA wrote, “Truly sad. I listened when he talked. Very thoughtful and wise law maker. A huge loss for his family and us all. My condolences to you all.”

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