Truth Coffee Cafe Cape Town

Truth Coffee Cafe Cape Town: Is All The Hype True?

Truth Coffee Cafe in Cape Town won high raise from The Telegraph back in 2016. Touted as possibly the best coffee cafe in the world, do they still hold onto that accolade? Situated at 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, most people who visited it hope for a return one day. And overseas tourists rank it as one of their most memorable experiences. Which says a lot for the place in the beautiful Cape.

Truth Coffee Cafe hyped up across the world

Coffee became a thing in South Africa in the 1980s. Suddenly, walk-in coffee cafes sprung up in Jozi, Durban, and Cape Town. And, the popularity of the beverage grows stronger. In fact, new startups instantly seem successful. We reported that Coffee Bar Tamdre, which brings a “New Local is Lekker brand,” quickly became popular in the Tshwane area. Throw in deliveries and online orders, and it looks like a winner. Plus, more often these days, cafes get judged less on their food than on their drinkable coffee.

So, staying on top of the game needs attention to detail and expertise. Notably, it seems that Truth Coffee Cafe in Cape Town remains totally committed to keeping its hyped-up reputation. Way more than a place that sells a good cuppa with a range of yummy food, the entire ambiance blows people away. In fact, the Steampunk artsy decor made its way onto many an Instagram post across the world. Plus, doubling up as a museum-come-tour experience, you’ll eventually understand why the drink became so popular.

Roaster in the middle of the cafe?

Pride of place goes to the roaster in the middle if the cafe. Did you know that you may book a tour of the machinery with their head roaster? Find out just about everything you ever wanted to know about the tasty beans. But, it comes at a price. However, coffee fanatics might enjoy the roasted coffee afterward and a mug of the famous brew. Actually, if there’s any criticism about the place, it relates to prices. But you get what you pay for.

Reviewers on Trip Advisor agree the coffee, food, and ambiance are hard to beat. And, compliments highlight the excellent and friendly service. One reviewer noted in January, that Truth Coffee Cafe‘s not Tea-friendly. But others who go there for their favorite roasted coffee rave about the place. This comment from @druidb seems to sum up the place: “Quirky quaint and very cool restaurant/cafe. Their coffee is seriously amazing if you are a coffee connoisseur/snob. I had the Chia Seed Pud which was divine.”

Did you ever enjoy the ambiance and the coffee at Truth Coffee Cafe in Cape Town? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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