Madonna ‘Material Girl’ Isn’t Dead

Madonna, a famous singer well known for songs like her “Material Girl” did not die. She isn’t dead! Got that? Well, if you feel really sad about her alleged Thanksgiving passing, smile, because you are not alone in mourning the famous entertainer. Apparently, thousands of Australians think Madonna passed away. As tributes pour in for her, no doubt she woke up with a bit of shock to discover she’s dead.

Madonna did not die, but plenty of folks think she did

The tributes started pouring in for the singer after news broke that Diego Maradona the famous Argentian footballer passed away. Read that again – “Maradona.” Sometimes our minds register what our brain thinks we see. Which explains, why proofreading is so important when writing. And, it looks like people across the globe read Maradona as Madonna. The Daily Mail UK reported that “Madonna [trended] on Twitter on Thursday morning.”

Loads of Australians and other nationalities took to the social media platform to express their sorrow. People even retweeted a post that allegedly came from President Trump. But, you won’t find it on his Twitter, if it ever existed there. Of course, he too might have seen all the tweets about Madonna passing on. Or, it’s easy enough to fake posts these days. Anway you can take a look at it below.

Mistaken people feel terribly sad

People, who follow football obviously feel very sad about the death of Diego Maradona the famous Argentian footballer. And many people also feel terribly sad about the mistaken death of Madonna. So, if you thought Madonna passed away, rejoice because she’s very much in the land of the living. Heartfelt tweets about her probably brought many a tearful moment for fans who love the singer. And a lot of people believed it.

One initially bereaved Maddona fan wrote, “i hate that at first I thought Maradona was a misspelling of Madonna and i dead ass thought Madonna died.” And another one said that their “mom woke”  them up to tell them their favorite pop star died. But despite Twitterati telling people Maradona died, this sort of tweet still surfaces.


And the tributes still roll in

Just an hour ago, someone tweeted, “Rip madonna a true legend. I still remember the first time i listen to “like a virgin” when im 5 years old.” 

And this one also recently landed on Twitter: “Sad to hear about the death of Madonna, taken too soon. Rip Material Girl.”

Did you also think that when Diego Maradona died that Madonna passed away? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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