Travel after COVID-19

Travel: Where Will You Go After COVID-19?

Travel: South Africa’s high summer is around the corner. But with shutdowns returning in some countries, clearly tourist venues and airline operators are concerned about empty seats and silent rooms. Interestingly, local travel costs are dropping daily. However, COVID-19 renders few able to reap the benefits of lower costs. However, to dream is glorious and dreaming and planning make up most of the fun.

Where will you Travel to after COVID-19?

Southern Africa offers heavenly places to feed the soul and fit many pockets. Additionally, camping is an option as it offers a relaxing outdoor lifestyle close to nature. Sometimes, too close, especially to creatures of the eight-legged variety.  However, life under canvas suits some and is a reasonably priced option. Moreover, it offers a change of scene and, once the tent is up, is relaxing. But, if you win the lotto and if COVID-19 unclenches its death grip on tourism, there is a lot to see out there.

Recently, National Geographic compiled a list of great places to go to. Additionally, it lists destinations relatively untouched, such as the Katmai National Park in Alaska. Apparently, the five million-acre wilderness area has one of the highest concentrations of bears in the world. Moreover, the number of visitors is restricted. Accessing the park is tricky. And, the only way to travel in or out is by floatplane or boat. Undoubtedly, access is open strictly during the Northern Hemisphere summer.

Walking in the rain

Walking, offering both exercise and time to take in the scenery is on offer in the United Kingdom. Stretching 2,800 miles England offers a coastal path packed with history and rugged beauty. Possibly, the weather may be a drawback, especially to sun junkies from Southern Africa. However, the route includes, seascapes, art centres, historical points and definitely some quaint pubs.

Alternatively, consider a visit to Transylvania of Dracula fame for your next travel adventure. Importantly, one is unlikely to encounter Dracula in any form when people travel there. However, there is plenty to see in this part of old Europe. Culturally, it is a mix of Magyars, Saxons, Szekelys and Wallachians living amongst castles, wildflowers and quaint villages.

The travel list is long

The list of possible destinations is long from Alonissos, Greece to Mexico and China with a lot in between. Meanwhile, spoil yourself with a quick online search for local travel specials – you may just find one you can afford.

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