Black Friday SA scam

Black Friday Shoppers In SA Convinced It’s A Scam

Black Friday came and went, and a lot of SA shoppers think it’s a scam. In fact, some of them think the American gimmick should be kicked right back where it came from. Some photos emerged of shopping malls looking quite busy. But really, no busier than the average Saturday morning after payday. In fact, some people who shopped at the malls took to social media, and wondered where everyone else got to.

Black Friday shoppers might have bought online

We reported that a lot of companies advertised their Black Friday sales for online shoppers. And of course, it’s possible people shopped that way. After all, a lot of folks still feel wary about COVID-19. And, as many of them are local manufacturers, perhaps shopping “local” trends these days. Certainly, the traditionally busiest shopping day of the year seemed less supported this year.

Naturally, many people lost their jobs during the lockdown. And, sometimes two earners in a family became just one. With news the virus starts a second phase, many people fear even more job losses and hard lockdowns. So, money’s tight. And, the future looks rather uncertain. Despite this, Xinhua News Agency, the official state-run press agency of the People’s Republic of China, intimated that millions of people flooded shopping malls on Black Friday. And, the outlet sounded disapproving that people shop “despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

SA people complain about scams

Well, perhaps if the Chinese reporter also checked social media, they’d have found some very disgruntled people who didn’t shop. When one person asked why the mall was so quiet, plenty of people talked about a shortage of cash. And, they said it’s all a “scam” anyway. Several people shared photos of the “2 for 1 price” deals. But in fact, if you do the math, it’s only a few cents cheaper than buying two. And, if you round it up to the nearest small change, 2 for 1 cost the same as just buying two on any other day.

Meanwhile, others noted that goods they previously bought went up for a day and then got marked down to the price from the day before. One person claimed they saw markdowns from inflated prices that were exaggerated. Notably, a few people felt they picked up some Black Friday bargains. So, it seems not all stores run a scam. But overwhelmingly, people accused food outlets of thinking all their customers can be easily taken in by playing around with price tags.

American tradition South Africans reject

As @Elliot_Khoza noted, “There’s a global pandemic and perhaps people finally realised what a scam Black Friday is.” Then, @Itu_N2 commented, “Sa retailers r ripping ppl off, they inflate prices and then cut R20.00 and still have the guts to call it special. Black Friday is an American concept and it should be treated as such.”

IT specialist @MuhleziNtombela also commented on Black Friday. She said, “Most people lost their jobs. Those employed are pulling a double shift of supporting families. Black Friday money ayikho and people have wisen up that this black friday thing is a scam.”

What do you think about Back Friday? Is it an American tradition that African countries don’t need? And, do you think a lot of the deals are just a scam? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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