Richards bay Crocodile

Richards Bay Crocodile: Ezemvelo KZN Vow To Try Trapping It Again

Richards Bay crocodile sightings seem fairly common. Residents suggest nobody should swim in the harbour. Actually, for years now, crocodile videos and photos came from the Northern KwaZulu-Natal town. With fishermen encountering a three-metre croc last week that bit their bakkie, it’s not bad advice from residents in the area. Apparently, Ezemvelo KZN previously tried trapping the croc and failed. But, they vowed they’ll make another attempt.

Richard Bay Crocodile sighting one of many

According to TimesLive, “Zak Williams, an avid fisherman from the area, uploaded a video onto his YouTube channel documenting their Monday night encounter.” Just behind the small craft harbour is an area known as “the Cassurinas.” After fishing in one spot, the men moved and came across the Richards Bay crocodile on the road. It remained there for ages while they tried calling in the encounter. But eventually, the crocodile seemed annoyed by the lights shining and took a chomp at the front of the vehicle.

In his video on the Gone Fishing vlog, Zach explained that they called the correct authorities because they encountered the crocodile. Of course, it’s not ideal for crocs and humans to mix. So, Zach hopes that it can be trapped and relocated. Of course, you can’t just make like a hero and try and catch it yourself in South Africa. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife looks after that aspect of things. The trouble is, they tried trapping it before, but the clever croc eluded them.

Ezemvelo KZN attempt trapping again notes Times Live

Crocodiles are not uncommon in Richards Bay. In fact, over the years videos revealed crocs in the rivers, and in the sea. Actually, it’s a good thing that crocs became protected from molestation in the area. Did you know that in days gone by, some crocs grew to enormous sizes? Coco-Cola SA shared on Twitter that the biggest South African croc measured in at nearly seven meters and was shot by someone named John Dunn. And Tanzania officially measured one in at 6.5 meters.

So, in comparison, the crocodile that Ezemvelo KZN tries trapping is about average for a full-grown croc. But, it could certainly hurt or kill someone who comes across it. On November 6, The Zululand Observer shared a video on YouTube that revealed a large crocodile in Richards Bay evading a trap. Maybe it’s the same one. However, about three years ago, a crocodile found on the Richards Bay freeway was successfully caught and later released.

So, if you plan on spending your Christmas in the Richards Bay area, remember that crocs can be no joke if you paddle around in the water or go fishing.

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