COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 PfizerBiotech Vaccine – Will You Take It?

COVID-19 news is seldom good. Fortunately, today things may improve. Currently, several vaccines are being prepared for distribution in the UK and Japan is preparing to finance one for each of its citizens. Moreover, South Africa has set aside 500 million toward vaccination supplies and Treasury is working on options for further finances. Importantly, a vaccine offers governments a pathway to restart economies.

COVIS-19 Vaccine – will you have one?

Socially, the normal media apps are abuzz with rumour, speculation, and the million-dollar question – will YOU have the vaccine? Additionally, one post features Londoners rudely chanting a refusal. Certainly, anti-vaxxers will be up in arms despite the desperate need and common sense behind a vaccine.

Interestingly, South African travellers to countries north of the border must comply with medical requirements. Currently, travel involves Yellow Fever, Hepatitis and more. Undoubtedly, anyone with co-morbidities will be keen to have the vaccination. Furthermore, in an effort to control the spread, it makes sense that any traveller should now present proof of vaccination against COVID-19 prior to crossing an international border.

USA ready to rush COVID-19 vaccine in

The USA is working rapidly to bring in the vaccine. Moreover, it cannot arrive soon enough according to medical staff, especially in Dakota where the virus seems particulalry deadly.

Meanwhile, some people in the USA continue to maintain that COVID’s a conspiracy. Spay & Neuter the Media@k_ovfefe2 says on Twitter, “The lockdown supporters & mask Karens of today would have 100% snitched on Anne Frank in 1944, and then gone to bed telling themselves how virtuous they were.” Clearly, this tweeter has no relatives in the hospital with the virus. However, other people speak but more rationally. RichardOsman@richardosman offers “Medical tip. If someone tells you they’re not going to have the vaccine, take a scroll through the rest of their timeline, just to make sure they’re usually right about things.

Certainly, if the vaccine comes out it would take some careful thought if you have issues with it. However, in days to come it might be the only option for a return to normal life. Caught between a stone and a hard place. will you take it? Sound off in the comments below.

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