COVID-19 vaccine payment window missed

COVID-19 Vaccine: Payment Window Payment Missed – South Africans React

COVID-19 vaccine seems to be on the lips of almost every world citizen. Some people fear conspiracy theories about it. And, others really hope it comes out soon. But in South Africa, it looks like an imminent distribution of any vaccine won’t come for some time yet. News emerged that a payment window deadline was missed for participation in the COVAX scheme.

COVID-19 vaccine payment probably delays distribution

We asked people if a vaccine becomes available if they’d take it. Mixed responses came in. And, a lot of people fear it. But others, terrified of normality never returning, hope for it. And, those who lost relatives to the illness seem particularly keen on vaccinations. However, for now, it all seems a bit of a moot argument. South Africa missed a vital deadline on the payment window according to News 24.

The outlet reported that “South Africa missed the first payment window to ensure participation in a global vaccine access programme, COVAX.” They talked about “confusion, contradiction and silence from the government on its efforts to secure doses.” Well, some people might feel confused about a missed payment for the COVID-19 vaccine. After all, on the 24th of November, Bloomberg reported that the country paid “500 million rand” to participate in the project.

Can we help our neighbors if we can’t help ourselves?

The outlet also explained that more money needed to be found. And, “Finance Minister Tito Mboweni” committed to finding a further “4.5 billion rand from the budget.” Perhaps he never found it. Ironically, Mr Mboweni even suggested, “There may also be scope to help some neighbors.” Well, as The South African reported, much more money’s needed to move the country up the queue. And if we just missed a window, that looks rather bleak.

Of course, Twitter exploded with comments about the news of a COVID-19 vaccine payment window being missed. Actually, lots more people criticize the government for missing that window that those who claimed they would never take it, anyway. @Sunny__007 talked about how “dead voters” are “bad for elections.” Plus, he also talked about the “looted ” PPE funds.

More reactions about the COVAX news

When News 24 shared the news on their Twitter account, a lot more people responded. @EttySh commented, “We can’t afford a vaccine AND a national airline, am I right @tito_mboweni? So we prioritized the airline obviously. What’s more important a few thousand jobs or a few thousand lives?”

Then, @MyzaSeven wrote his feeling about the missed COVID-19 vaccine payment window: “They ate that money … wasn’t the 500 billion enough and the other loans u took there…welcome to SA where Government chows everything they get their hands on.”

What are your thoughts on the missed payment? Sound off in the comments below.

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