Goat meat in South Africa

Goat Meat Demand Rises In South Africa

Goat meat sits on the shelves in Lusaka, Zambia. Popular, even big retailers sell it in modern supermarkets. You’ll also find it on the shelves in some of the better formal stores in Zimbabwe. But, it seems scarce in the big retail outlets in South Africa. Why is that? After all, demand for the meat rises in the country. What’s more, it’s considered one of the best red meats you can eat for heart health.

Goat meat demand in South Africa

We reported in October, that small business owners need support more than ever with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, unless you live in a rural area or an informal settlement, you probably won’t find goat meat in your supermarket. Sometimes, you might see a smallholder or a farmer advertize goats for sale on the roadside. Or, perhaps you travel and see people selling road-side goat meat pap and stew. But, you probably won’t find it in your local run-of-the-mill restaurant. Unless you eat at a speciality diner.

Southafrica.co.za reported that “Local cultural demand for the use of goats in South Africa is currently driving (and exceeding) the supply of live goats. Goats for meat are mainly marketed in the informal sector, in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, which is driving the goat industry.” Unfortunately, retail testing in 2018  revealed that an inconsistent supply of Angora goat kills became a problem. Any large retailer needs to know that there’s a consistent supply of goods for their customers.

Don’t know a farmer? You can still order goat meat for delivery

The common term for goat meat is Chevon. And, Livestrong.com points out the benefits of eating it. “Goat meat is a lean, healthy protein that’s rich in vitamins and minerals. With less overall fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than other red meats, it earns its status as a healthy menu choice.” In fact, it’s way better for you than eating high-fat mutton. Actually, people with high blood pressure might benefit from it rather than beef and mutton as it’s low in sodium levels.

The product brings “beneficial iron and large quantities of heart-stabilizing potassium.” But, if you buy a goat from the roadside, watch out that it’s been properly slaughtered in sanitary conditions. So, if you don’t know a farmer who’ll sell and slaughter one for you, and your retailer doesn’t stock it, where can you get it? Furthermore, where can you get meat that’s fresh, prepared in clean surroundings, and then delivered to your door? We checked it out and found a useful option.

Murangi Premium Meats based in Benoni

Murangi Premium Meats operate out of Benoni. Easily contactable, they responded to our Facebook message within three minutes. While their main website seems under development, they give out two contact numbers on Facebook where you may call and discuss your order and delivery dates. They advertise delivery countrywide. What they do is consolidate orders per area. They then agree on a specific delivery date with customers. This means they don’t need to drive all the way to destinations like Polokwane with just one small pack.

Murangi sells other meat like pork and mutton, so you could combine your order and try out their chevon goat meat. The proprietor told us that the minimum order is “R300 for a pack of 2kg. This includes delivery anywhere you might live in the country.” Available to talk to you, one customer commented on their Facebook page that their order was clarified by phone, delivered, and looked amazing. The company carefully slaughters their livestock and it’s packaged in a hygienic manner. Same-day or the next day delivery preserves freshness, countrywide.

Goat meat from Murangi Meats
Murangi Premium Meats | Facebook

How to cook goat meat

If you don’t know how to cook goat meat, a simple Google search turns up plenty of recipes and advice. Bear in mind, without as much fat as mutton, the meat cooks drier. So, either marinade the chops or roast or take a meat mallet to it. In other words, tossing it straight onto braai might result in a bit of toughness. Here’s a tip we got from a farmer’s wife. Rubbing mustard into the meat helps tenderise it. And, if you can afford it, marinating in kiwi fruit will result in a melt-in-the-mouth meal.

If you have some South African goat meat recipes to share, sound off in the comments below.

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