Rudy Giuliani COVID-19

Rudy Giuliani, USA, Gets Death Wishes After COVID-19 (Opinion)

Rudy Giuliani tested positive for COVID-19. And, some people wish him dead – quickly. Renowned people, in South Africa also tested positive for the virus. And, not all of them seemed popular with the populace in the country. But not even in the currently divided and struggling African country, did people actually wish anyone dead from the virus. Certainly, it looks like most South African were raised with a good dose of ethics and decency.

Rudy Giuliani gets COVID-19 in the divided USA

The USA also sits divided right now between whites and whites, whites and blacks and political beliefs. In fact, many South Africans look on with dismay as news emerges about voting machine scandals and the handling of mail-in ballots. Not everyone in South Africa hopes that Donald Trump remains as president. In fact, many of them welcome the prospect of a Biden-Harris presidency. But, most of them don’t seem to wish Trump actually dead. Or, his lawyer Rudy.

When South Africa’s Premier Of Gauteng, David Makhura got the virus even his political opponents and their supporters didn’t go on social media and wish him death. Then, when the Minister of Health, Zweli Mkhize fell ill, we reported that one follower suggested that they felt “deeply” concerned as he was in charge of the COVID-19 management. They felt perhaps it indicated he did something wrong. And consequently, South Africans across the lines slammed the Tweeter. South Africans seemingly hate wishing ill on people who test positive for the virus no matter who they are. Not so, Rudy Giuliani.

People wish Rudy dead

Once upon a time, Americans hailed Rudy Giuliani as the finest mayor that ever lived. It came after he reacted and sorted out New York as Mayor when the 9/11 Twin Towers attack took place. But, it seems that some people, in the USA nurture short memories. Now, Democrat liberals hate and despise him because he heads up the team looking into allegations of a fraudulent election. In fact, they apparently hate him because he even associates with President Trump.

On December 7, the Washington Post reminded readers that “the Trump campaign said Sunday night that Giuliani “tested negative twice immediately preceding his trip to Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia.”‘ But, he finally tested positive. And, on Twitter, the famous, or infamous USA lawyer and ex-mayor said he tested positive. People responded and a lot of them sent in their prayers and positive thoughts for him. Unfortunately, others wished him dead.

Tweets that might blow away South Africans

When Rudy posted about his COVID-19, he said, “Thank you to all my friends and followers for all the prayers and kind wishes. I’m getting great care and feeling good. Recovering quickly and keeping up with everything.”

But one follower wrote, “I sincerely hope you’re in miserable pain and I could not care less if covid g*ddamn kills you, you cousin f–king sonofab*tch.”

USA Rudy Giuliani 1

Then, another hater said, “Praying that the lord takes you quickly and you don’t have to suffer any longer! God bless. We will never forget you!” Someone reported the post and Twitter removed it for violating their standards.

Many people, feel angry that Rudy seldom wore a mask, so they feel rightfully indignant. But others on Twitter noted that those around him wore them. So, they wonder why, if masks prevent the infection, others might get it too. South Africa demands mask-wearing in public places. But, a lot of Americans don’t believe they actually work, despite the health regulations.

South Africans at odds don’t wish the illness kills anyone

In South Africa, many people hold differing opinions on COVID-19 lockdowns and about various influential leaders and politicians. Sometimes, things get every heated on social media. But, it’s rare for them to publically wish anyone dead from COVID-19. Somehow, in the face of this virus, people with differences still manage to bring themselves to pray for those who contract the illness.

What do you think about Rudy Giuliani getting death wishes after his diagnosis of COVID-19? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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