South Africa rape

South Africa Rape Count Highest In The World

Afriforum released its paper on South Africa’s rape crises. Unfortunately, the world’s highest rape count per capita remains in South Africa by a shamefully high margin. Interestingly, Afriforum’s Head of Campaigns, Monique Taute, says “the South African government has failed in curbing crime, particularly violent crimes including rape.” Moreover, the paper released raises the issue of unreported rapes, indicating a higher incidence.

South Africa’s rape count unacceptable

Disgracefully, Monique Taute continues saying “It is noteworthy that each of the steps that have been taken by [the] government to address the issue [is] merely reactive to the crisis…” Unfortunately, pro-active policing is rare in South Africa. Additionally, Taute indicates that many rapes occur in homes, often perpetrated by relatives or friends. Meanwhile, women remain victims of abuse and rape.

Moreover, as Barend Uys, Afriforum’s Head of Research says, “It is reasonable to conclude that the South African government simply does not know how to curb the issue of rape and sexual assault in the country.” Furthermore, the  AfriForum report hopes “…to highlight the extent of the failings of the government and the justice system regarding this issue.”

What can women do?

Undoubtedly, media attention to rape raises awareness for caution amongst women. However, victims stories need to be circumspect. Literally, there is no real way to describe rape that may not incite more.  Thus, the true horror inflicted on women remains, by and large, their private cross to bear. Fortunately, there are rape crises centres to assist women. Meanwhile, Afriforum suggests women ensure they sign up to reaction security forces. Alternatively, arrange distress signals with their neighbours. Additionally, learn self-defence and importantly, try to never walk alone.

Alarmingly, citing a 2001 research project of 1 737 men in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, the report indicates the major motivations for rape are: sexual entitlement, anger, boredom, alcohol, fun and peer pressure.


Policing is not the only failure

Highlighting, the justice system, the report describes particular cases of lenient court decisions around rape. Meanwhile, people like Makazole Mapimpi and other sportsmen are calling for men to protect and cherish women. Hopefully, these influencers will start to impact on the youth of South Africa who hold these men in high esteem.

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