Fury Mounts over Rage Matric super-spreader events

Fury Mounts Over Rage Super-Spreader Matric Events

Fury mounts on social media as South Africa officially enters the second wave of COVID-19. It comes after news emerged that numbers of teens with the virus increased. The Sarcoronavirus site revealed that new cases “showed a different pattern from the norm.” This time around, teens between 15 to 19 peak the numbers. It follows a lot of matric celebrations across the country. The Rage events involved some irresponsible behaviour. 

Fury mounts over Rage massive events for Matric students

Nobody wants a hard lockdown over Christmas and New Year. Back in November, people started speculating that something would come along and justify further strict measures. So far, President Ramaphosa certainly tried avoiding that. But, as new numbers mean that Coronavirus cases rise to 18% much stricter controls probably come once again. Even more fear arrives as some people think it might mean taking a huge step back to level 5.

On social media, some people feel desperately angry that the police allowed the mass gatherings of teens to go ahead unimpeded. Apparently, Rage cancelled The Plett Rage event for matric students on the Garden Route. But that comes too late, After all, only a handful of people kickstarted the South African coronavirus pandemic. And, to date, 828,598 cases were reported in the country. The super-spreader events involved a huge amount of teens gathering in large crowds. Apart from fury at the organisers, people also lash out at the parents and families of the teens involved. 

COVID-19 Super-spreader events irresponsible

While many young people don’t fall sick, they can carry the virus. Of course, one teen could potentially infect thousands of others. That is not new news, so some folk wonder why on earth parents allowed their teens to act so irresponsibly. @Thamsa tweeted, “The parents of these Matric learners who attended Rage are so irresponsible knowing that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s their kids that bring it home and the parents who spread it at work. ”

More people spoke out with mounting fury about the Rage events. @Deeren86 noted, “Rage organisers should be fined and dumb parents should learn to keep their even dumber kids at home, next it will be another lockdown level 5.”

And, there’s a lot more anger. Nobody cannot afford to lose their job again. People still fear poverty more than the virus. So nightmares loom and while the teens are partying. The people who allowed it also take a lot of heat right now.

Where was the Command Council?

Other tweets slammed Bheki Cele and others wondered about the Command Council. They feel the super-spreader Rage events should never have been allowed. @sarashni commented, “The Command Council should have stopped this Rage cr-p in KZN! Grow a spine! If these clowns get #COVID19 tests after the fact it’s too late. How many have they already infected?!?”

Are you also feeling some fury over the Rage super-spreader events? Sound off in the comments below.

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