Lisa Tora Kytosaho Fundraiser For Cheetah Conservation

Lisa Tora Kytösaho Fundraiser For Cheetah Conservation

Lisa Tora Kytösaho a Swedish woman who lives in South Africa dedicates her life to Cheetah. In fact, she heads the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation project. Cheetah numbers decline through poaching. But that’s only one reason people care about their possible extinction. Loss of habitat also factors into the situation. Now, Lisa celebrated her birthday with a fundraiser appeal that she intends to double up on.

Lisa Tora Kytösaho Western Cape Cheetah Conservation project

It would be unwise to presume from Lisa’s Instagram photos that she just runs around happily with a pack of human-habituated Cheetahs. Actually, the Cape Cheetah Conservation website explains they rehabilitate the majestic animals. And, the aim is to release them into the wild. They take in a variety of Cheetah and these include some previously tamed animals, rescued wild animals. and their “retired Cheetah.” For whatever reason, “retirees” cant be reinhabited. So, they provide them a haven for the rest of their lives.

Well, the release program apparently also looks at supporting more conservation in the wild projects. On her Instagram account on Saturday, December 12th, Lisa said they hope “to continue and restart some of the projects for cheetah conservation.” Apparently, many of them “paused, affected by the global pandemic.” So, as she celebrates her birthday, Lisa Tora Kytösaho invited donations. The money goes to a “fundraiser for cheetahs & wildlife.” Plus, with every donation that comes in, she promises she’ll match it “personally.”

Gofundme for Cheetah

Over on the Gofundme for the Cheetah project, Lisa explains more about it. Notably, she reminded potential donors about the status of the animals. Lisa notes that “only 6674” cheetahs survive, Plus, they still decline, according to “the IUCN red list.” No newcomer to wildlife, the Conservation project existed for over over “a decade.” Once again, she reminded people of their ambitions They strive for the goal of “rehabilitating their cheetah as far as possible.”

Nevertheless, more work beckons. Lisa Tora Kytösaho explains they hope to become more “proactive in the wild.” More often these days, people request donations to charities instead of personal gifts. And, it becomes rather fashionable to donate rather than buy expensive Christmas gifts. So, Lisa chooses a good time for launching her fundraiser For Cheetah Conservation. If you can’t afford a donation, then you could help Cheetah conservation by sharing this article.

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