Christmas Lockdown alcohol

Christmas Lockdown Sparks Buying Alcohol Frenzy?

Christmas lockdowns loom in South Africa. At least, tough restrictions are expected when the president addresses the nation on December 14. The second wave arrived just in time to ruin everybody’s Christmas. Many people who took advance accommodation bookings fear cancellations. Plus, others expect a serious tightening up on alcohol again. Not waiting for the “My Fellow South Africans” speech, many people on Twitter vow to go alcohol shopping today. Could it spark an alcohol shopping frenzy?

Christmas Lockdown regulations not yet known

The second wave never got helped by the matric students’ Rage parties. In fact, over 900 of the students tested positive for COVID-19. So, fury mounts over that. Especially, as it now means that many people expect a dismal Christmas. Business Tech reported that already, swimming at beaches probably stops. KwaZulu-Natal premier Sihle Zikalala said, “we might be forced to close (the beaches) for swimming.” But the possibility remains that they “allow people to be in and around the beach for leisure.” Apparently, mask removal for swimming might spread the disease.

The government talked about harder lockdowns in certain areas and on certain days. But, as Health Minister Zweli Mkhize pinpointed young people drinking at social events, most people anticipate a countrywide ban on alcohol. Historically, South Africans know that when the president addresses the nation on lockdown’s they usually come into effect immediately. Not trusting the government not to bring a Christmas ban on alcohol, people don’t even wait for the announcement.

Twitterati plan alcohol buying which might lead to a frenzy

On Twitter, many people fear an alcohol ban. It must be reiterated though, that as of now, it’s not known what restrictions come, or where. One commenter, @Tsonga__Andy, noted, “If I were you.. I would go buy alcohol now.” And,  @SRTJones tweeted, “Have you stockpiled your sin of choice” esp #cigarette & #alcohol SouthAfrica #FamilyMeeting #LockdownSA.”

Then, another person worrying about a Christmas lockdown alcohol ban wrote, “You will see how packed the liquor outlets will be today.” That post came from @SinahMaseko. Meanwhile, another tweeter, @LaLaquin33, wrote, “#Guys with reliable sources. Please tell us…should we start loading cars? Gape Christmas mo Gauteng yone ke loso hela shem.”

Why make the people wait for the Christmas Lockdown ban announcement?

Given all the concern and possible flocking to the shops to buy alcohol, some people think it’s better for the government to tweet or text the new Christmas lockdown regulations. That might calm people down and prevent massive bulk buying frenzies at alcohol stores. And, when people gather in large numbers at liquor outlet’s surely that only increases the spread of COVID-19?

Your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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