African Horseback Safaris

African Horseback Safaris Share Stunning Wildlife Encounters

African Horseback Safaris operate across much of Africa, including South Africa and Eswatini. They also operate in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Bostwana and in East Africa. Almost every day they share stunning photos and videos on Instagram. So, if you love horses and wildlife, then treat yourself and follow them. Or, if you have some cash to spare, consider taking a holiday with them.

African Horse Safari’s stunning wildlife encounters

Too long ago, I experienced horse riding in the bushveld with James Varden Safaris in the Mavuradona wilderness in Zimbabwe. Now, stuck at home with COVID-19 financial restrictions, like many others, I can only look and wish for it again. Maybe in 2021? But some fortunate people book a horse safari and African Horseback Safaris on Instagram noted that their bookings picked up recently.

Recent posts certainly show dull moments seldom happen on safari. Their guides look very professional, and the horses look fit and alert. One post shared three days ago, revealed a fantastic encounter with lions. The caption noted that it took place on “the Big 5 Horse Safari in South Africa.” The camera, angled across the guide’s shoulder, revealed the horses walking down a riverbed. Suddenly, a couple of lions crossed the sand. Then, a few more. And finally, in the distance, a big lion sprinted away pursued by a charging buffalo. (Watch until the end).


Hwange National Park photos on Instagram

Another recent post featured a photo of riders watching elephants at a waterhole in Hwange National Park. Then, they showed close-up giraffe encounters. And one of them revealed the swimming pool which you might never want to leave. The African Horseback Safaris caption noted, “Our horse safari in the heart of Hwange offers incredible game viewing, fantastic riding and combines brilliantly with a few days in Victoria Falls.”

Another photo that looks surreal reveals riders and horses out at the crack of dawn at Horizon Lodge in South Africa. Golden colors, birds calling, the eager horses, and the sheer freedom of the photo would surely tug at any adventurous spirit. Sound like a hard sell? Well, these photos and videos certainly make me want to hightail it out of my little world and into the wilderness. For now, I sit and vicariously enjoy my horseback adventures every day just by following African Horse Safaris on Instagram.

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You can check out their destinations, bookings, discounts and more info on their website here.

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