SAs New COVID-19 Variant

SA’s New COVID-19 Variant Spreads Fast (Opinion)

SA’s new  COVID-19 variant’s known as a super-spreader. It breached KwaZulu Natal’s provincial lines and apparently spreads quite fast. Faster than the UK variant, although the two variants share a common N501Y mutation. Consequently, inbound and outbound flights are banned by various European states. Undoubtedly, South Africa needs to do everything possible to contain this new superbug. Critically, it arrived in time for South Africa’s annual summer holiday travels. But, there are hopes the new variants won’t change the efficiency of the vaccine.

SA’s New COVID-19 Variant is a super spreader

South Africa’s infection rate is now higher than the original first wave of COVID-19. Alarmingly, people display signs of COVID-19 fatigue. Certainly, too many shops in Gauteng no longer station staff to ensure clients sanitise at the door. Additionally, people on the streets sling their masks below their chins and forget to socially distance. Importantly, during the 2nd World War, a popular slogan was “Careless lips, sink ships”. Unfortunately, today “Careless mask-wearing, adds to super-spreading.” Tragically, the end result is similar – people die.

Importantly, each individual needs to play a part. Furthermore, more Americans have died of COVID-19 than American soldiers did during the Vietnam War. Remember, the Vietnam war started in 1954 and ended in 1975. Additionally, the effect of that war had far-reaching political and economic impacts. Considering COVID-19 has only been around since November 2019, surely, the time has come to stop whining, socially distance, and wear masks?

Brazil bans flights from UK

Meanwhile, governments worldwide are scrambling to enforce controls. Importantly, Brazil is banning all flights from the UK. Meanwhile, Peru says no to driving on Christmas Day. Ironically, nightclubs in Lebanon will be open yet dancing is banned. Moreover, France says the elderly may leave their care homes to be with families but families worry they may infect the elderly.

South Africans unhappy with latest regulations

Certainly, some of the rules seem ludicrous. Importantly, South Africa is not alone in this. Technically, no one is sure exactly how to put a stop to this illness. Understandably, the entire world is working in uncharted territory and each of us needs to exercise patience. Sadly, the new strain is forcing new regulations and ruining family holidays. Unfortunately, the only right thing to do is to just put up with the restrictions. Certainly, few people are having the annual break they planned but the sun is still shinning.

Perhaps, this is the time for self-reflection, the courage to play your part, and for love, despite this very different SA Christmas.

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