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Christmas Brings Messy Kid’s Toys – How To Clean Stains

Christmas means crayons, markers, slime, paint, and more messy toys for kids to play with. Fun on the day, they could end up getting into their hair, all over the carpets, and on linen. Not to mention their clothes. So, what can we do to clean up all those colourful, if irritating stains?

Christmas and the clean-up aftermath

If your kids opened their presents from Santa this year and you saw slime, your heart might have sunk. Even TLC’s OutDaughtered star Adam Bubsy worried about that. In South Africa, we see the show via TLC Africa about a year behind the USA. If you follow the show, you know he and Danielle Busby raise five quints and their big sister Blayke. On Boxing Day, he shared that they always avoided getting slime for the quints. But this year some of it turned up amongst Santa’s gifts.

TV Shows Ace reported that he sounded a bit concerned about stains. The slime he shared about is bright pink. While his daughter Olivia seemed thrilled with it, he seems to think cleaning up post-Christmas might become a problem. Of course, we get the same slimy goo here in toy shops. So undoubtedly, your kids also enjoy it right now. Or, they might play with their colouring crayons and other messy Christmas gifts. Inevitably, they end up staining something But, luckily The Washington Post put out some tips for that.

Christmas messy toys clean-up
Adam Busby (OutDaughtered TLC) | Instagram

How to clean those messy Christmas toy stains

Luckily, in South Africa, your supermarket brings lots of stain removers for fabrics. So, it’s good to have it in the house. In fact, don’t waste your time screaming at the kids. Rather grab some stain remover and quickly try and salvage your fabrics.  But, if you don’t have it handy, there are a few tips that might help. The WP noted that you should never “rub” a stain. Rather dab at it with a clean cloth. If it’s a curtain or clothing that you can wash then use the hottest water possible.

Nail polish remover or even hair spray might help clean up paint or crayon smears. For crayon on clothing, you could place it face down on a stack of absorbent towels and dab with dish soap and hot water. But with “Play-Doh, do not use hot water or cleaning solutions of any kind. Allow Play-Doh to dry completely, loosen it with a stiff brush, then vacuum up the pieces. If necessary, dab the area with gentle soap and cold water.”

Slime is easily removed without a detergent

For slime, scrape off as much as you can. And then spray it with “two parts” of white vinegar” and “two parts of cold water.” Then dab it clean and keep on going on until it all comes away. Oh, and another handy tip. If the kids get the gooey stuff in their hair, just wash the area with a bit of dishwashing liquid, rinse and then shampoo as normal. Naturally, avoid getting the dishwashing fluid in their eyes.

Hopefully, these few hints help you cope with messy Christmas toys this season.

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