Bheki Cele

Bheki Cele Slammed By Outraged South Africans

Bheki Cele just inflamed and outraged South Africans when he talked about the COVID-19 lockdown at New Year. Twitter erupted when the news broke about what he said at the Princess Magogo Stadium on Wednesday. Already unhappy that the lockdown to Level 3 came with almost immediate effect, many people took issue with his attitude.

Bheki Cele outrages South Africans over New Year

Ahead of the news that Level 3 Lockdown came back just after Christmas, we noted, “if you hope for New Year with no tighter restrictions, you might be way too optimistic.” And even though Level 5 didn’t make its dreaded return, many people on holiday complained. Others just felt angry that only some areas are hot spots. But an alcohol ban came for the entire country. That anger, however, paled in comparison to the reaction to Bheki Cele’s latest statement.

Timeslive SA reported that the Police Minister had a lot to say about the New Year. He spoke at the “Princess Magogo Stadium in KwaMashu, outside Durban.” Talking about the curfew, he said that “There is no December 31st.” Then he went on and talked about anyone celebrating. He continued by saying, “There won’t be any hitting of tins here. By 9 o’clock everyone should be in bed. So it is important to note that for that to happen we [SAPS] need to monitor that.”

Outrage as people feel Bheki Cele overstepped by talking about bedtime

Apart from telling people, what time to go to bed, he also mentioned. “Make sure that you lock them in! Usually, you help them and show them home. This time we will give them a home. Our stations may be full, but we will make room for them.” And really, that seems to belie the whole purpose of the lockdown. Not social distancing in full police cells isn’t exactly the best way to prevent the spread of the virus.

But more than that, people slammed Bheki Cele for telling adults what time they should go to bed. A flurry of furious tweets rolled in.

@lungsta_mk wrote, “There’s no one who’s going into my house and tell me when to go to bed… ninganya nonke with SAPS and Bheki himself.”

Meanwhile, @iTinyiko_ commented, “In bed?? This man is insane. South Africans will show him flames.”

Then, @papa_larona noted, “Covid 19 is real we are all scared but don’t tell us when to sleep wena!!”

What do you think of what Timeslive reported Bheki Cele said about New Year and bedtime? Do you also feel outraged? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Voetsek Cele! Who do you think you are! You are overstepping your power! Am gatvol of the retirement village’s retirees and your geriatrics trying to run a country when you can’t even run your own home! 🤬


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