President Ramaphosa Mocked For Election Campaign Vow

President Ramaphosa faces an uphill battle talking about elections during the Level 3 lockdown in South Africa. Actually, some people mocked him when he posted about his vow to not tolerate any form of crooked practices. Bear in mind that many reports came in about the looting of COVID-19 funds. His efforts to talk about above-board candidacy failed to ignite much enthusiasm.

President Ramaphosa talked about elections and honesty

We reported that Zandile Gumede and 17 of her co-accused got arrested by the Hawks for tender irregularities. But, Gumede’s release on R50 000 bail left South Africans unimpressed. Mainly because Zandile didn’t apparently appear before a disciplinary committee.“ A general feeling that people get employed the more corrupt they appear to be came through.

With the ongoing Zondo Commission and the subsequent loss of funds meant for COVID-19, people become aware of the scope of corruption. Now, it still rankles with many people. They simply lose faith that anyone might be elected who doesn’t run on graft or some other form of vote-buying. When President Ramaphosa talks about honesty and anti-corruption, many people think he talks out the side of his mouth.

Tweet by the president about election integrity

On January 8th, Cyril Ramphosa posted, up saying, “we will not tolerate members of the ANC who are involved in crooked practices like vote-buying.” He also mentioned, “branch list manipulation to secure positions, or extending patronage.” And he certainly sounded very stern as he said that he wanted to make it “very clear.” On the surface of things, it all sounds terribly noble and above-board.

However, a lot of people simply don’t buy it when it comes to anyone in the ANC talking about honesty and elections. Or any kind of governance. Perhaps critics can at least count themselves lucky that their freedom of speech isn’t censored as much by Twitter as anything Trump is these days. So, the going’s good and people voice their opinions about it. Some straight talk came from people who commented on President Ramaphosa’s post.

Twitterati mock sentiments of honesty

Many comments went in and not many of them seemed very complimentary. @Im_Pacho wrote, “wena ndoda yaz those who are gullible think you are an angel stop trying so hard I’m sure everyone knows the real you by now.”

And then, @eliotchauke1 noted, “but you bought your way to the highest office.” But it didn’t stop with that. More people chimed in and slammed the president.

@SthuleSyabuka commented, “That’s your style, don’t undermine our intelligence. You know you bought your presidency through secret donations. If I were you I’d drop this subject. You have no shame.”

Certainly. it looks like some very disgruntled South Africans simply don’t trust the election integrity in the country. That sample was just a small number of those critics who mocked President Ramaphosa for his tweet about election honesty.

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