Johannesburg Fury Grows Over Filth & Poor Services

Johannesburg: Fury Grows Over Filth & Poor Services

Johannesburg, once a thriving city on the continent of Africa fell into disrepair. Trash, crime, rundown buildings, and a general air of dilapidation infuriates many people nowadays. Rising crime makes it dangerous for visitors and city dwellers in the downtown areas. But service inefficiency also spreads out into the more luxurious areas of the metropolitan city.

Johannesburg services inefficiency hit the outlying areas

Herman Mashaba, previously the mayor of Johannesburg wants to see defunct factories repaired and rejuvenated. But critics note that he never really cleaned up Johannesburg. And the current mayor gets a lot of critics for the filthy state of the city. Some people might recall the years when downtown Johannesburg and outlying Hillbrow were the best places for entertainment. Now, it’s apparently full of crime, drug dealers, and even human trafficking. Not to mention gangs and violence. And the services simply fail on delivery.

Highlighting the inefficiency of services, News 24 carried a story about someone from Sandown Ext 24. A more affluent area of the metropolitan area, no fire department responded to a fire. Incredibly, the fire station closed down. And, by the way, without fanfare or announcements. Eventually, in desperation, the householder who experienced a fire drove to Alexander to find a fire station ready to respond. But by then his very expensive cars had burned out. Well, as you can imagine, those who live and work downtown and close to Johannesburg city had a lot to say about services and more.

Complaints about filthy Johannesburg

On Twitter, a lot of people complain about the state of the once-thriving city. Never particularly attractive with the gold mining dumps and tall buildings, at least it used to be relatively crime-free and clean.

@shepher51398170 tweeted, “Johannesburg is dirty and smelling where is Geoff makhubo…even his prediccessor Herman mashaba was doing nothing.” They added, “guys don’t just eat money and sit in the office doing nothing will the city is rotting parks. Tau you are the best manager joburg was clean, (sic).”

Then, he later tweeted, “mayor’s must not sit in the office and enjoy coffee [while] the city of Johannesburg is full of dustbins all corners. come out of the office and see.”

Meanwhile. others complained about the smell and the trash that builds up. While the jacaranda trees bloom in the city, and rain falls, it’s only a temporary relief from the smell of garbage and the ugly dirty streets.

Crime in Msanzi

As the lockdowns for the coronavirus sees more and more police tied up arresting people for masks, swimming, and selling illegal alcohol, people express their frustration with crime. After all, they seldom see such enthusiasm for policing in the city of Johannesburg. As one tweeter pointed out, “The mugging and crime outside [the] stadium…it was the same when Barcelona came to Msanzi SAPS is shit#GlobaCitizenFestival.”

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