Herman Mashaba

Herman Mashaba Rebukes Floyd Shivambu Over Illegal Immigration

Herman Mashaba feels that illegal immigration’s not right. And he feels annoyed that the EFF calls for it. But they do so during the pandemic, which makes it even worse. Because of his stance against it, EFF Deputy of the EFF slammed him for his “liberal’ politics. So, Herman rebuked him on social media.

Herman Mashaba rebukes Floyd Shivambu, won’t be bullied

We reported that “Julius Malema’s EFF and their ‘take back the land’ rallying cry appeals to many.” But clearly, his calls for more immigrants into South Africa sits badly with many people in the country. After all, many of them worry about unemployment, especially as the coronavirus bites the economy even harder. Across social media, people vent their anger at the calls for more people who might disenfranchise South Africans. That’s what helps fuel the #PutSouthAfricansFirst hashtag.

Three days ago, IOL reported that EFF leader, Julius Malema “called on foreign nationals to find “creative” means of entering the country.” That makes people think twice because it sounds like he’s encouraging illegal immigration. Herman Mashaba really feels it’s not good to call for illegal immigration. On January 18, he reacted to a post by Shivambu. In his post to Herman, the EFF Deputy said, that he gave Herman his first warning.l It came for “ultra right self hating politics” And he feels that Mashaba adopts “liberal right wing politics.”But Herman Masahaba says he never responds “well to bullies.”

Floyd suggests Mashaba chooses his ‘battles wisely’

In the thread on Twitter, Floyd said, “It’s so shocking how toddler politicians whose claim to fane are EFF policies of insourcing and many others have now grown liberal horns. You won’t win against the EFF. Choose your battles wisely!”

Herman Mashaba rebuked him, saying, “I have openly championed insourcing & policies that put our people first & provide them with dignity. BUT, the issue here is calling for mass illegal immigration during a pandemic, when 11 million of our people are unemployed and our hospitals are overflowing. It is wrong!”

Many people agree on no illegal immigrants

Some people agreed with Mashaba about illegal immigrants. @Spade37295887 wrote, “EFF must go fight for Africans in their African countries. now that they have failed to crack that market by denied entry to those countries, they want to suffocate us with their illegal immigrants? Where is the labour and immigration law that you sworn in parliament to abide by.”

Then @Ntokozo42607579 noted, “We are not shaken by the EFF, they are just bullies who think they can hold the country hostage. I’m happy you laid a formal application against Malema, his out of order. Politics of the stomach must end, (sic).”

What do you think of Herman Mashaba rebuking Shivambu Over illegal immigration? Sound off in the comments below.

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