La tete restaurant bree Street cape Town

La Tete Restaurant Cape Town Closes After COVID-19 Restrictions

La Tete Restaurant in Cape Town closes its doors from COVID-19 restrictions. Like many other small to mid-sized businesses, the restrictions just devastated the economy. So many people already lost their jobs. And now another 16 also lose their income. And many people feel desperate. Anger rises against the alcohol ban which daily affects the income that small licensed premises rely on.

La Tete Restaurant yet another victim of COVID-19 restrictions

We reported that many people feared a very hard lockdown when the second wave of the virus hit the country. A level 5 lockdown didn’t come back. But the amended level 3 one hurts badly. Especially with extended curfew hours. That means few trading hours for restaurants. And of course, the alcohol ban brought devastating news for the economy and those employed in the sector. It might not sound like 16 people out of work at the Cape Town restaurant is very many. But the number of people facing poverty grows exponentially.

La Tete Restaurant delivered the sad news on Facebook. They close down because of the COVID-19 restrictions. Giles Edwards, chef patron & Siviwe Jaxa, head chef featured in the announcement. It read, “We are devastated to announce that La Tête will be closing its doors in the first week of February. Despite great determination to see ourselves through this prohibitive time, we can honestly say that we have tried every avenue to no avail.” Plus, the site noted that they feel terribly sad for their employees. After all, some of them started there at the very beginning of the Bree Street business.

Angy reactions to the news about the restaurant closing

The heartbreaking part came when the post talked about losing a dream. It said, ” I could never have imagined such an abrupt end to it all.” Plus, they thanked their suppliers. Of course, the closure of restaurants also means less business for the supply chain. As that continues, more and more people face unemployment.  Actually, many people fear poverty much more than the coronavirus in South Africa.

Over on Twitter, many people grew hot under the collar when they heard that La Tete Restaurant closes next month. Over on their website, it explains” “la Tête is a farm to fork eatery on Bree Street in Cape Town, the result of the culinary dream of two brothers, Giles and James Edwards.” Well, their dream just ended. Like so many other dreams as the government’s inflexibility on the alcohol, ban shows no sign of letting up.

la tete restaurant Cape Town closes From COVID-19 Restrictions
La Tete | Facebook

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