Cyril Ramaphosa Relies On Eskom For Recovery - Gets Roasted

Cyril Ramaphosa Relies On Eskom For Recovery – Gets Roasted

Cyril Ramaphosa got roasted on Twitter on January 25 over Eskom. Eskom always brings strong responses and in fact, we reported on June 30, that critics labelled load reduction as racist. “Grounds for the argument that electricity should be more accessible for poorer people exist” But, “unfortunately…Eskom, sits central to state capture and corruption and lost billions over a decade,” we wrote.  Now, Ramaphosa talks about how recovery’s reliant on Eskom

Cyril Ramaphosa tweets about Eksom & recovery, gets roasted

In his tweet on January 25, the president wrote, “The effectiveness of our recovery will depend to a great extent on the scale and pace at which we can bring new electricity generation capacity online.”

Well so far, it seems that every effort failed dismally. In fact, IOL carried an opinion piece on January 24. It talked about the long list of failures regarding Eskom. They noted, “the Democratic Alliance (DA) will expose the 18 times the government misled South Africans.” That referred to “efforts to turn things around at Eskom and…bring an end to rolling blackouts.” And, nearly 15 years since the discussion began, inefficiency remains.

South Africans also feel angry because Cyril Ramaphosa ended up as the OCM chairperson in 2012. Somehow, he acquires shares in the company. And Brain Molefe felt that meant a conflict of interest. Molefe felt it wrong that Cyril Ramaphosa “allowed international corporates to disadvantage Eskom on many fronts.”

That never went amiss in the comments made by unhappy people on Twitter on January 25th.

Twitter reacts with  a lot of heat over recovery and Eskom

One disgruntled person, @Craig12940777, wrote, “Maybe its time to share with SA citizens that you are behind the blackouts. surely conflict of interest that you own the investment company that owns one of the major coal suppliers to eskom?

Meanwhile, @TotaLeefaik noted, “Unintentional-self-accusation at an altogether new level there, Cyril. You were supposed to oversee a turnaround at Eskom, and Eskom got worse since. Much worse. You might as well just state that we’ll never recover and be done with it.”

Then, @therealzaboom replied to Cyril Ramaphosa. Their comment read: “with no plan mentioned or any idea of what to do, then what are we to look forward to? “There will be hardship tomorrow”. That is all we are told. And it is true. Failed public sector in all spheres. Rampant and brazen corruption. The failure of rule of law.”

Clearly, some very disgruntled people no longer contain their sheer frustration with the failure of Eskom and government intentions that seemingly fail over and over again.

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