South African Turns Everyday Trash Into Stunning Artwork

South African Turns Everyday Trash Into Stunning Artwork

A South African turns his artistic side into a demand for his stunning artwork. More and more these days, people turn to side-hustles as the COVID-19 lockdown bites the economy. Small businesses and independent workers actually get quite a lot of support as people look at supporting local. One of those people might be seen hunting around the dumpsite. And what he finds in the trash and creates becomes something of great beauty people think.

South African innovation using trash as art

We reported that “anyone with talent and a bit of ambition can start their own business. But, without large marketing budgets, sustainability becomes hard.” So, many people turn to social media and advertise their wares. Even people with jobs might struggle as the lockdowns create more hardship. And sometimes, the only breadwinner supports an extended family. So anything that helps bolster income helps.

A feel-good story emerged on Twitter on January 27. South African @Makatjane3 shared a few posts about his stunning artwork. His profile says that he works with old bottles. And in his various comments and posts, he reveals that it takes a lot of time and hard work, but he converts old bottles into something that other people appreciate. And, judging by the comments, he seems very affordable, talented, and creative. In one comment. he mentioned that he works, and does his artwork with trashed bottles as a “side-hustle.”

Beautiful bottles – followers enthuse over the unique artwork

In one of his latest tweets, @Makatjane3 followers saw an array of beautiful creations. He captioned it with, “When you see me at dumping [site], just know I will be collecting bottles to transform them to Decor products.” And plenty of people commented on it.  Heres’ what some people said to this artistic young South African:

  • @_Pearl_Booysen: “Your target market should be rich folks. They’d love your works. Makes tons of money. And don’t underprice your work, charge your worth, there’s people who will pay your price.”
  • @Facelessgirl20: “This thing ya R180 angyizwa kahle. He can sell these at a much or little higher price. I can see resorts paying a lot for these.”
  • @PrinceMolekga: “For the first time in I had to like art by a brother, not because I feel pity for him, but because it’s surreal!”
  • @JanBran06127566: “This is initiative. Rely on your own capabilities…The unemployment went up by 39% since that party (ANC) came to power. Congratulations!”
  • @ludo1_: “These are beautiful. How about you pitch your designs to drink production companies? You could be favoured to have one of them like your designs. All you’d have to do is rework the design so it can reveal a bit of whatever is in the bottle. Best of luck!!”

In the comments, the South African artist told people that he charges only R180 for a set. And that seems way low considering the unique quality of his work.

You can contact this artistic South African via his Twitter, or call 084 961 1692. His email is:

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