Beaches Re-Open So Which Are The Best Ones In KwaZulu-Natal

Beaches Re-Open So Which Are The Best Ones In KwaZulu-Natal?

Beaches re-open officially after the lifting of the ban this week. Which ones are considered the best in KwaZulu-Natal? Everyone knows you can pretty much pick any Western Cape beach for beauty and find in the waves. But what about the East Coast of South Africa? Well, whether you prefer city-life or the wilder spots, some excellent beaches await you.

Beaches re-open, KwaZulu-Natal offers a range of nice choices

The easing of the level 3 lockdown came too late for a lot of small restaurants. Ironically, this weekend might be the final day for La Tete restaurant in Bree Street, Cape Town. The booze ban killed off the clientele and the place couldn’t cope with lost earnings anymore. Of course, that doesn’t mean the “nick-of-time” announcement by the president might not yet save them from closure. As people celebrate the news that alcohol arrives back on the shelves, and extended curfew hours means dining out, they also love knowing that beaches also re-opened.

The closure of beaches seemed extremely unpopular. On social media people argued that being out in the sunshine, swimming seemed way safer than cramming into shopping malls. Finally, after an agony of waiting for the “family meeting,” on Monday, February 1, Cyril Ramaphosa said that beaches re-open. But he cautioned people about social distancing. After all, the second wave of COVIS-19 tapers off, but the SA variant’s particularly deadly. With the ban lifted perhaps you yearn for sun and sea in KwaZulu-Natal.

Durban and South Coast beaches

Most people need little introduction to the beaches in Durban and surrounds. These include North Beach, South Beach, and Bay of Plenty. All easily accessed, people enjoy them for great surfing and the convenience of nearby facilities along the Golden Mile. Other nearby beaches include Umhlanga Rocks and Umdloti Beach. But don’t overlook the South Coast. Often much quieter than those near the City of Durban ( eThekwini). Ramsgate offers a Blue Flag beach and a lovely lagoon. That’s important, as some non-Blue Flag beaches in South Africa experience high crime.

Other South Coast beaches in KwaZulu-Natal include Margate, Umzumbe, and Lucien. Lucien comes with lifeguards all year-round. And, then there’s Trafalgar near the Mpenjati Nature Reserve. However, take along all your own food and drink as you won’t find restaurants and bars in the area. 

North Coast beaches

Families thoroughly enjoy Addington Beach. Close to Durban, with the nearby harbor and the ships, little kids enjoy the place. And it’s never as crowded as the Golden Mile beaches in Durban. Further afield, you’ll find Sodwana Bay. Popular with divers, the area brings nice swimming spots as well. Plus, fishing’s good in the area. And there’s plenty of accommodation in the area to choose from.

Looking for more remote beaches? Try Kozi Bay up on the border with Mozambique. There you can walk for miles on the sand, swim in the lagoon, and even catch sight of the turtles if you’re lucky. You need driving skills for the sandy tracks, but once you get there you’ll never want to leave. Now the beaches re-open everyone can look forward to sun and sand in KwaZulu-Natal again.

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