Stunning Cape Photos

Stunning Cape Photos Mouldering In A Folder? Get Them featured

Stunning Cape photos attract a lot of pro-photographers to the south of South Africa. But the area’s so beautiful, that even people with mediocre skills might capture something Instagram-worthy. So often, those photos look so good, that people pop them up on their desktop. Or frame them and hang them on the wall. But often, the desktop images change. And then your magnificent shot might end up mouldering away in a folder. But there’s a way that any good shot might end up being featured.

Stunning Cape photos get featured by Cape Town Mag

We reported that Chryssea Johnson from Cape Town posts up some stunning and amazing photos of ethereal kelp forests. Cape Town Mag featured one of her photos back in October last year. And that possibly gave her many more followers on her Instagram. In fact, it’s likely that people ordered in some prints for themselves. But you don’t need to be any sort of professional photographer if the mag likes the photos you bring their attention to. In fact, on their Instagram page, they explain that they’d “love to feature your moments of joy.”

Naturally, not every stunning Cape photo gets selected for their Instagram. And competition looks stiff. Nevertheless, why not give it a shot? Especially if all your friends and family love a good quality photo that you took. You only need to tag them with “#capetownmag.” Maybe you will one day see one of your best photos reposted by them with acknowledgement of you as the photographer.

Cape Town Mag’s mission

On their Instagram page, they note that they’re “here for happier people, the best places and creating an international magnet for the world.” And so far, “453 000 people…used #CAPETOWNMAG.” Even if you don’t really feel that you have any stunning Cape photos, it’s nice to browse through their featured photographs. If you ever visited the Cape they might bring back some nostalgic memories. Or, they might motivate you to start tucking away some cash for a future visit. Plus, if you hold any interest in photography, you might find the photos a useful guide as to what makes for a perfect shot.

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