Namibia South Africa floods and rain

Namibia, South Africa Flood Footage

Namibia and South Africa experience heavy rains right now. And, some parts still get more rain even after Cyclone Eloise moved on. Water, so often scarce, draws enormous interest from Southern Africans. So, footage of floodwaters abound on social media. But, one video from Sossusvlei catches the eye as so many South Africans travelled to Namibia in the past.

Namibia, South Africa floods make for unusual images

We reported on January 16th, that “heavy rains in…dry [Namibia] sound like heaven. However, flash floods caused damage in Windhoek.” And “videos emerged of fences washed away, roads damaged, and camping sites literally swept away.” The cost to the country seems high. But travellers love it. The novelty of seeing the desert scenery flooded never wears thin. Even locals stop and film as the water fills old salt pans and usually barren ancient watercourses.

Of course, South Africa is mostly greener than Namibia, but flooded rivers, full dams, and bridges with rushing water passing underneath also attract attention. website revealed a week ago, that floodwaters hit areas in Gauteng. And these included Soweto and Alexandra. Many dams are now releasing water, a boon for settlement areas previously relying on limited supplies, and for farmers downstream.

Flooded roads in between Vryburg and Kuruman

Some interesting footage came from Henk Bogaards. He shared a video on YouTube on February 4th, 2021. He captioned it with, “The road driven is the road (N14) between Vryburg and Kuruman in the North West and Northern Cape Provinces of South Africa.” And he noted that the roads are “covered in water.” In some places, the flood footage revealed that it looks like the trucks drive through a shallow dam or pan. In places, the road is damaged and big holes lurk underwater.

Notably, the area where the roads flood usually sits in a particularly dry area of South Africa. So, floods are unusual in the area. Henk advised people to rather find other roads if possible as in places, small sedans might experience some problems. That came after he found a big hole in the road. Lots of similar footage of other places in South Africa also emerge revealing floods.

Namibia flood footage seems fascinating

Some footage from Nambia emerged in late January that revealed Sossusvlei flooded. For comparison, here’s a photo taken in a normal year:

Namibia South Africa Flood Footage
Credit: J Flowers | Sansnewsfeed

In the video below, you can see tourists swimming in Sesriem Canyon. But footage showing Sossusvlei starts at 1:04 and reveals only a few trees sticking out in a sea of water. Floods like this seldom come to South Africa and Namibia. So for now, people make the most of viewing the unusual flood footage.


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