South Africa COVID-19 Vaccine Monumental Mess - Twitter Reacts

South Africa COVID-19 Vaccine Monumental Mess – Twitter Reacts

South Africa: The COVID-19 vaccine shipment that arrived on Monday seems like a monumental mess. While International outlets report on the inefficiency of it against the SA Variant, locals sound off about the expiration date. Two issues arrive, but the early expiration date brings bitter recriminations on Twitter against the South African government.

South Africa COVD-9 vaccines inefficient against the SA variant

We reported in December that some experts worried that the Moderna Vaccine might not work against the new variant of the virus. After all Dr. Emma Hodcroft, the Co-developer of @nextstrain at @ISPMBern @unibern pondered the efficiency of it. Apparently, the A COVID-19 Variant differs from the UK one. On Twitter, she wrote, “The SA variant and the UK one seem “quite distant genetically: they have many mutations they do not share!” But other experts in the field suggested there were no concerns.

The shipment that arrived in South Africa is the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine shipped out of India. I arrived at “OR Tambo airport last week.” Stat News reported that the “minister of health said Sunday, that a new analysis…suggests the shot “provides minimal protection” against mild disease caused by the new coronavirus variant circulating in South Africa.” So, the government halts the rollout. People understand these concerns to a degree. But other news enraged people.

The vaccine expires in April – a monumental mess

Later on Sunday, February 7, news emerged that the shipment expires in April. Times Live SA reported that “the shots [expire] well ahead of what had been planned for.” And that kicked off high emotion on social media. The outlet explained that unhappy news emerged in a Q&A session after the announcement about the “inefficiency of the vaccine against the South Africa Covid-19 variant…501. V2 or B. 1.351.” Firstly, people grew annoyed that it never came in the main statement about the lack of efficiency. And, critics lambasted President Ramaphosa and his government for the mess.

Venting their frustration on Twitter, people focus on the early expiration blunder. And, a lot of angry people blame the South Africa government for the mess. The COVID-19 inefficiency seems rather less of a concern than the expiration date. At least, from the standpoint of Joe Public. Of course, when big messes like this go public, criticism tends to roll in over the entire handling of the country’s administration.

Twitter reaction people seem extremely angry about the inefficiency of the government

Reactions on Twitter included the following comments about the South Africa COVID-19 vaccine. Most people feel the whole thing’s a monumental mess and the government should be held accountable:

@MbuyiseniNdlozi: “This country is in the hand of real fools! Ramaphosa is a principal fool! Idiot! How do you buy vaccines that are ineffective? And only discover that they are expiring in April when they arrive in the county? These are pure grounds for removal!”

@Kgomo389: “There’s no other way, Ramaphosa is the head of the State, he’s the accounting officer at the end of the day. They ordered a vaccine that expires in April, a vaccine that is 57% effective.”

@Thuso1Africa: “Buying covid19 vaccines that will expire in April tells us that Cyril is a domkop. He achieved nothing as AU Chair, keeps on destroying the SA economy, now buys vaccines that are about to expire to inject into his own people. How dumb can this man be!!”

@landback_: “highest unemployment- highest national debt- lowest economic growth- highest poverty- highest corruption- porous borders- flagrant violation of our immigration laws- 50 000 covid dead South Africans @CyrilRamaphosa has FAILED! ENOUGH is ENOUGH.”

Many similar criticisms went the way of the government and the president. People simply can’t get over the monumental mess invoicing the South Africa COVID-19 vaccination.

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