South Africa COVID-19

South Africa COVID-19 Easter Lockdown Fears On Travel

South Africa COVID-19 brought a lockdown on March 26, 2020. Now, another lockdown likely comes exactly a year later. Originally meant to last for two weeks, the first lockdown long overran that and it didn’t lift for long before another lockdown came over the Christmas period. Not as draconian as the first one, it still banned alcohol. So, will alcohol & travel limitations return over the proposed Easter lockdown? Smokers, of course, hope it doesn’t include a returning tobacco ban. And restaurants and accommodation businesses might end up hard-hit again.

South Africa Easter lockdown 2021 likely starts one year after the first

The latest lockdown status of level one looks likely to return to a level 3 or level 2 status very soon. Despite the initial COVID-19 lockdown promising that a two-week period would be sufficient, clearly, that was a pipedream. Since then, more lockdowns came with various restrictions. Christmas holidaymakers seemed despondent. Beaches closed, and the alcohol ban caused some outlets to close down again in early February. Those restauranteurs and tourism businesses that initially survived suddenly faced an uncertain future again.

The second COVID-19 wave’s lockdown in South Africa ended and at last, people looked forward to Easter without any major problems. No travel restrictions or draconian bans came with Lockdown level 1. However, they might be very disappointed. News 24 reported that the Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) advised the NCCC to go to at least Level 2 before the holiday starts.

Travel plans and alcohol?

A small curve upward indicates that the third wave comes along in April. And of course, the last move to Level 1 brought almost immediate media speculation on an April lockdown. Unfortunately, for some people in South Africa, it seems all too predictable. Actually, people grow sick and tired of it. And even some countries in Europe that efficiently roll out the vaccine still face lockdowns over the Easter holiday. So, even if the vaccine rollout happened faster here, it probably wouldn’t make much difference.

The main thing that concerns people is whether some travel restrictions might resurface. Last week, the MAC even suggested stopping interprovincial travel which surely impacts businesses that already accepted bookings. And of course, everyone fears another holiday without alcohol. However, so far, it looks like booze sales might be restricted to Mondays through Thursdays from 10 AM to 6 PM.  Other fears circle around beaches being closed again as the last of summer comes to an end. And anyway, the MAC already predicts even further stringent measures after Easter. The NCCC meets to discuss their lockdown measures for South Africa on Thursday this week.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming lockdown for South Africa ahead of Easter? Sound off in the comments below.

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