Kabza De Small Video Trends

Kabza De Small Trends On Twitter After Video Reveals Lifestyle Choices

Kabza De Small trended on Twitter as rather a naughty video emerged that saw fans question his lifestyle choices. It certainly looks like the Amapiano star leans toward the same gender, fans think. Taken aback by the video that emerged on Twitter, the below-the-belt performance by the popular Sponono artist freaked out a lot of South Africans.

Kabza De Small seems practiced in alternative lifestyle choices

As South Africans return to work, many of them nurturing hangovers, word buzzes around after the video leaked onto social media this Easter weekend. Clearly, the talented musician hit the holiday break determined to enjoy a lot of fun. Actually, he’s not just known for his music, but also for his cool sense of humor. Probably, he just joked around in the rather intimate video, but some fans thought he portrayed an obvious same-sex preference rather too well.

Kabza De Small also clearly doesn’t mind living a risky lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic. In a crowded room with friends, he got down and dirty with a bottle held in a phallic position by a friend. However, all eyes watched the video rather than raising an outcry about the lack of Easter social distancing. Shared by many people, loads of them commented about the video. Naturally, people commented on whether his lifestyle choice includes some experience with love-making and other men.

Down and dirty video makes people wonder about the muso

ZS SurgeZirc explained that Kabza De Small “performs a…dance as if he’s giving him oral s*x. They noted, “According to fans, his moves were too good to an extent that they suspected he was g*y.” Well, he might not be, but he certainly might not be all that fussy, fans agree. These days, not as much social stigma comes but some people still remain closeted out of fear of ridicule. Nevertheless, the star DJ and artist lost a child last year. So, clearly, he’s not totally into men.

The trending video on Twitter about Kabza De Small is shown below. However, discretion advised as some people might find it offensive.

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