Painted Dog Conservation Org Partners With Political Animal Lobby

Painted Dog Conservation Org Partners With Political Animal Lobby

The Painted Dog Conservation organization operates in Zimbabwe. They try saving the last remaining wild dogs in the region. Declining to about 6,500 left in the wild, the dogs face an uncertain future, especially those in Hwange National Park. Alarming numbers of snares in surrounding areas mean more animals become injured, or orphaned. So, Political Animal Lobby partnered with the organization with an urgent appeal for donations.

Painted Dog Conservation faces a crisis in Hwange National Park

It seems that wildlife in Hwange always faces one crisis or another. In September last year, public outrage erupted after news emerged that Chinese coal mining concessions reportedly got allocated in Hwange National Park. Fortunately, the decision later got reversed. Nevertheless, it’s not only mining that causes potential problems for animals in the park. Plenty of people who live in poverty now live close to the border of the park. Mostly unfenced, locals set snares in the hope of catching animals for food.

Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) provides a rehabilitation center and anti-poaching units. Additionally, they monitor the packs in Mana Pools, Hwange, and in the mid-Zambezi. They work with the local communities and set up awareness programs. Intelligent and very beautiful, the rare predators share very close bonds in their lifetime. So, the loss of a member of the pack fractures their community and their efficiency as hunters. They hunt in areas of up to “30 miles (50 kilometers) a day in search of prey.” So, they face increasing risks of ending up trapped in wire snares.

Donations for medicines & snare removal needed says Political Animal Lobby

The Political Animal Lobby stepped up to help Painted Dog Conservation raise funds. As they explained in an email appeal, “it is not enough to rescue painted dogs from a snare.” After all, they later end up “trapped again.” The effort in reducing the number of snares involves “PDC” working with “volunteers from local villages.” They teach them about “conservation and snare removal.” The wire collected becomes converted into “wire ornaments they sell.”

However, the Painted Dog Conservation needs medication and funds for their professional teams who rescue and treat the dogs. The Political Animal Lobby (PAL) notes they “rush lifesaving medicines as quickly as possible!” PAL started in the UK in the 1990s. They reach out across the world “[ensuring] governments [stay] informed about animal welfare issues.” Additionally, they focus on ensuring the enforcement of “legislation.”

If you would like to donate to theĀ Painted Dog Conservation appeal, click this link HERE.

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