Big cats at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary Needs Help With COVID Shortfalls main

Big Cats At Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary Need Help With Funding

Big cats find a home with Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary. However, the sanctuary relies totally on donations and their International Volunteer program for funding. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, most of the volunteers fell away. So, the COVID-19 pandemic means the sanctuary takes a lot of strain with its budget. Many people don’t like the idea of animals in captivity. However, the sanctuary takes in animals that need rehabilitation and some of their stories came with tragic beginnings.

Big cats: Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary Success Stories

Founded by Jurg Olsen, he previously set up the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary in the Cape. Ubuntu is located in the North West province of South Africa and its mission statement explains its aims and objectives. Like many of those who work with endangered species, like the Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe, they appeal for funds to continue their project.

Big cats in Africa are not the only objective at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary. The Facebook page reveals that they are “committed to the rescue, relocation and lifelong care of wildlife globally.” In fact, some of the animals they took in include species alien to Africa, and they look after some tigers as well. Since 2018, they provided a number of animals with a safe “forever home.” In a post shared on April 28, some success stories were related to their followers.

Adam and Eve, just two of many lions dependent on funding

Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary related how some of the big cats became success stories. Adam originated on a farm where lion hunts were carried out. Apparently, his entire pride was wiped out. Traumatized, at first, he just hid away all day. However, when another lion, Eve arrived, he took to her immediately. Nowadays, Adam dotes on her and a post describes him as “still in love after two years!! What a gentleman…what a lion!!” Other lions include Melena, once malnourished and thin. However today he’s a success story who lives atop a hill “overlooking the other animals.”

In fact, the people who look after the big cats at the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary feel inspired by Melena. They see that fight for survival and that helps them keep on fighting for the rehabilitation of abused animals. However, a lack of funding leaves them in a very tight place with their budget. They appeal for any donation, no matter how small. You can read the full list of stories by clicking on the link under the images below. Or, you can visit their website and find out ways to donate.

Big cats Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary Needs Help With COVID Shortfalls 1
Credit: Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary | Facebook

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