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Ubuntu Wildlife Relocates To Mossel Bay Thanks To Generous Donor

Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary struggles with meeting their monthly budget to help safeguard their big cats during covid-19. Now, they relocate from the North West Province in South Africa to the Mossel Bay area in the Cape. Thanks to a generous donor, they now safeguard the future of the animals on their own land. However, transport costs for the relocation add up, so the call for support continues.

Ubuntu Wildlife relocation To Mossel Bay explained

At the end of April, we reported that the Wildlife Sanctuary needed help as they rely completely on donations and a volunteer program. With the coronavirus impacting International travel, the volunteer program doesn’t bring in enough cash. So, they appealed for help. Run by founders, Jurg Olsen and Bianca Olsen, they rehabilitate big cats and other animals. With a good reputation for successfully helping the animals, many people like what they do. Notably, it’s definitely not a petting zoo

Ubuntu Wildlife takes on abused animals and their Facebook page shares some of their success stories. Not raised in cages, the lions and other animals get the best life possible. This seems especially important as their tigers that can’t be sent back to their native countries. The reason revolves around the fear of introducing disease from Africa. Additionally, concerns arise about “inbreeding, genetic impurity, malnourishment, physical and emotional issues.” The move to Mossel Bay incurs more expenses, but here’s a good reason for it.

Generous Donor facilitates the move

The Ubuntu Wildlife organization revealed that they “bought a 1,650hectare farm, with the help of one incredible donor.” Jurg Olsen said that the move comes as they fear for the safety of the animals in the North West. The reasons include heavy poaching, not enough convictions, and corruption and bribery. Other reasons, like the rising demand for “paws and testicles” for traditional medicines, add to their motivation. Their lease also involves the current landowner returning to hunting practices.

Ubuntu Wildlife starts their “Great Trek” to a much safer area in the Mossel Bay region on May 22. As you can imagine, the logistics of moving 14 large predators over 1,000km involves a lot of costs and resources. If you would like to donate, they accept donations via PayPal. Alternatively, check out their website.

Ubuntu Wildlife Relocates To Mossel Bay Thanks To Generous Donor
Credit: Ubuntu Wildlife | Facebook

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