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Covid-19 Vaccinations: Are They Mandatory In South Africa Now?

Covid-19 vaccinations in South Africa begin phase 2 for people over 60 on May 17th, but is it mandatory? An email from a large medical aid company might confuse some of the elderly who received a notification about it. So, we looked into it to find out if it’s mandatory.

Covid-19 vaccinations were once thought to be mandatory

South Africans quickly condemned the South African government when a huge mess up happened. In February, we reported that a lot of people complained about the efficiency of the roll-out. That came when news emerged that the shipment expires in April. So, they might not distribute all of them in time. Also, people complained when news came from Times Live that there were questions about its efficiency against the South African Variant of the virus.

Covid-19 vaccinations seem in high demand with certain sectors of the South African community. However, like other countries, some people feel against any sort of mandatory vaccination program. Concerns arose late last year when social media reports claimed President Ramaphosa said they will be mandatory in South Africa. However, fact-checking took place. Africa Fact Check Org noted that “Ramaphosa said that all countries should have access to the vaccine, not that the vaccine should be made compulsory for all people, or all South Africans.”

A letter that might confuse elderly people about mandatory rules

Apparently, the Covid-19 vaccinations were discussed at a special virtual summit. The rolling banner at the bottom of the TV screen misinterpreted what he actually said. But, have things changed now? An email, which we have in our possession went out from a major medical aid company in the last few days. Addressed to those 60 or older, it said that people should “register on the Department of Health’s EVDS.” Then it stated, “This is mandatory.”

Well, that might cause the elderly confusion. According to the South Africa Covid-19 Vaccinations Registration’s official page on THIS Link, it clearly states that it is “voluntary to get the vaccine.” If someone reads the long letter from the medical aid company very carefully, they might realize that what they mean is that registration is mandatory only if they want it. Nevertheless, some elderly people struggle with navigating any form of electronic mail.

Other information about the vaccines and the efficiency emerged in a report by News24 if you’d like to check it out on this LINK.

Remember to always check with the official South African Covid-19 vaccinations website for anything you are not sure of regarding mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations.

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