Against the Grain Coffee Co

Against The Grain Coffee In BoKaap Cape Town For Tasty Bagels

Against The Grain Coffee Co slams up against a lot of hot competition when it comes to popular coffee shops in Cape Town. However, it already made a name for itself with people who enjoy Halal food and Cape Malay cuisine. In fact, their bagels come highly recommended. Additionally, they were nominated for the Coffee Magazine Awards in 2020. They didn’t win, but it’s a big thing to be nominated for Best New Cafe and Best Cafe Design.

Against The Grain Coffee In Buitengracht St, Cape Town

People who visit the Cape love the wine and the quaint restaurants. One of the most popular places for coffee in Cape Town is the Truth Coffee Cafe. In fact, it won huge kudos from The Telegraph back in 2016. We reported that it’s “touted as possibly the best coffee cafe in the world.” Apparently, the Buitenkant Street coffee haven is still going strong and growing that reputation for excellence.

These days, Against The Grain set in the BoKaap community also gets a bit of a buzzword from those who tried it out. According to Coffee Magazine, it’s run by Gesant Abed and his team. The shop brings some Islamic art and decor and also highlights the “style and flavours of the surrounding Bokaap community.” Actually, they also showcase local art. The rather “quaint coffee house boasts coffee and authentic food with a traditional twist,” First Thursday’s notes.

The selection of bagels looks amazing

Over on the Instagram account run by Against The Grain Coffee, an incredible selection of bagels featured last week. Actually, their Koeksisters served with coffee are nothing to sneeze at either. Meanwhile over on Facebook, mostly good reviews went in. One happy customer noted, “I loved the entire vibe of this Cafe, I loved the ambiance, and the decor, and the colours. The coffee was absolutely beautiful, the bagels were amazing!!! The prices are not bad at all, and the fact that it is fully halal is just the best thing about it. I hope your business grows and grows..”

Quite a few people complimented Against The Grain Coffee for full compliance and the care taken with covid-19 precautions. As with all reviews, some people complained the portions seemed a bit small. However, other people claimed the portions seemed generous. Popular with cyclists and runners, that alone pays homage to the food and drink.

Contact details:

Phone: 0810156185 or text WhatsApp +27 78 631 6106. You’ll find the coffee shop at 142 Buitengracht Street. Opening hours; Mon – Fri 8-4 -Thrs Clsd – Sat 8-4 -Sun 8-2.

Against The Grain Coffee In BoKaap Cape Town For Tasty Bagels
Credit: Against The Grain | Instagram

Remember to check back with us often for more news about nice coffee shops like Against The Grain Coffee in BoKaap, Cape Town.

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