About SAns Newsfeed

About SAns Newsfeed

About SAns Newsfeed: We deliver fresh South African News with a focus on Lifestyle, travel, and entertainment, . We also carry some important news stories that impact on lifestyle and the economy in the region

Our main focus is to deliver fact-based news, reviews, and opinions. We achieve this by fact-checking sources.

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Opinion pieces are clearly labeled as such. We believe in transparency and report angles taken from trending social media rather than from personal opinions. We welcome anyone who wishes to get interviews published, as long as their ideas are current and regional Southern Africa specific.

All articles are double-checked for errors and facts by editors before publishing.

About checking for fake news resources on SANs Newsfeed

Benedictine University Research Guide
  • Read the Page that shows an about description section. Does the resource have one? It may be on a tab at the top of the page, or a link at the bottom of the page, but all reputable websites will have some type of About Us section and will provide a  way for you to contact them.
  • Check out the Source – When an article cites sources, it’s good to check them out. Sometimes, official-sounding associations are really biased think tanks or represent only a fringe view of a large group of people. If you can’t find sources, read as much about the topic as you can to get a feel for what’s already out there and decide for your self if the article is accurate or not.