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Jane Flowers

I am a freelance journalist, self-published author, and a senior curator at Blasting News on the USA platform. I was awarded the Golden Pen Award in 2015. I was the Safarian writer of the week for wildlife articles in Africa in 2016. I studied journalism and human communications in Australia and New Zealand. I have been writing and publishing since 2001, often under the pseudonym of Woryn Jay.

I wrote freelance articles for The Herald (Zimbabwe), Scope (RSA), and The Fisherman Magazine (Zimbabwe), between 1990 and 2000. I started editing articles for Blasting News in 2016 and video creation in 2017. In terms of Newsguard, I am a verified member of the reviewer team for Blasting News. 

I am a contributor to TV Shows Ace and The Destination Seeker. Historically, I edited and produced review articles for WoW Travel and Trip 101. 

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2) Suzie Michael

Driven to write. I hold a degree in English literature obtained via Unisa. I am a qualified editor and self-published author.  

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