Police Inhumanity COVID-19

Police Inhumanity A Problem During COVID-19 Lockdown? (Opinion)

Police seem unable to differentiate between genuine emergency curfew breakers and those who just head out on the town in defiance of COVID-19 regulations. And anger rises after a man was arrested for rushing to the hospital to get formula for his newborn. Already, a lot of fury swirls around Minister of Police, Bheki Cele […]

Johannesburg Fury Grows Over Filth & Poor Services

Johannesburg: Fury Grows Over Filth & Poor Services

Johannesburg, once a thriving city on the continent of Africa fell into disrepair. Trash, crime, rundown buildings, and a general air of dilapidation infuriates many people nowadays. Rising crime makes it dangerous for visitors and city dwellers in the downtown areas. But service inefficiency also spreads out into the more luxurious areas of the metropolitan […]

President Ramaphosa Mocked For Election Campaign Vow

President Ramaphosa faces an uphill battle talking about elections during the Level 3 lockdown in South Africa. Actually, some people mocked him when he posted about his vow to not tolerate any form of crooked practices. Bear in mind that many reports came in about the looting of COVID-19 funds. His efforts to talk about […]

Midmar Dam spilling Vaal Dam rises

Midmar Dam Spilling, Vaal Dam Tops 60 Percent

Midmar Dam is spilling and the Vaal Dam looks to keep on rising. In a rare moment of good news, at least some concerns about water in South Africa subside. Back in October, KZN weekly dam levels sounded rather alarming. But hope remained high that a potential La Nina might rectify that. Midmar Dam Spills […]

Close The Borders South Africa

‘Close The Borders,’ South Africans Beg President Ramaphosa

“Close the borders” becomes something of a mantra from concerned South Africans. Many of them literally beg President Cyril Ramaphosa to do that. Already the government brought back Level 3 Lockdown for the second wave of COVID-19. But many people think that closing the borders should take priority after alarming images of Beitbridge appeared on […]

Comfrey the Pros And Cons Of A Traditional Folk Remedy

Comfrey The Pros And Cons Of A Traditional Folk Remedy (Opinion)

Comfey article contributed by IE Smallbones. Disclaimer – note that this is an opinion piece. All natural folk medicines should be approached with care. Never take or use any home-based recipes without first consulting a medical professional. The recommendations in this opinion piece are not endorsed by Sans Newsfeed. This article is intended for information […]

COVID-19 The Reality For Those Close To Hospitalised Patients

COVID-19: The Reality For Those Close To ICU Patients

COVID-19 in South Africa brought a harder lockdown with the amended Level 3 regulations. Many people complained about the lockdown, feeling that the second wave is being hyped up to control people. But, as one of our regular writers noted, it’s real, it’s deadly, and people should respect social distancing. Some comments on social media […]

COVID-19 Curfew Kept Baragwanath Rescue Trauma Patient-Free

COVID-19 Curfew Kept Baragwanath Rescue Trauma Patient-Free

COVID-19 curfew laws might have helped to lessen the number of trauma patients at Baragwanath Hospital this year. While some people assume the alcohol ban probably accounted for the news, more likely a combination of the curfew and closed nightclubs impacted hugely. After all, alcohol evidently didn’t disappear completely. COVID-19 curfew means fewer rescue trauma […]

Bheki Cele

Bheki Cele Slammed By Outraged South Africans

Bheki Cele just inflamed and outraged South Africans when he talked about the COVID-19 lockdown at New Year. Twitter erupted when the news broke about what he said at the Princess Magogo Stadium on Wednesday. Already unhappy that the lockdown to Level 3 came with almost immediate effect, many people took issue with his attitude. […]

COVID-19 SA Hard Lockdown

COVID-19 SA Hard Lockdown For The Entire Country?

COVID-19 SA hard lockdown fears rise after the county hit a million cases since the pandemic began. We reported a few days ago, that SA’s new COVID-19 variant’s known as a super-spreader. And, the second wave’s numbers started growing again. It seems to spread much faster. So, under an opinion piece, one of our writers […]


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